Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Event

Southern California Regional if fast approaching 
and with that IEBG will be hosting a Pre SCR Tournament / Casuals
for the newly release Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Edition 
when you ask? February 8th 2014 at Super Arcade in Walnut CA,

The RebelUp event will also be running at the same time that day
so if your in to all the Anime Dashers like:
Blazblue Chrono Phantasm
GuiltyGear A+R
Persona 4 Arena
Arcana Hearts
and more
they will all be available for tournament / casual play ALL day.

there will be a $5.00 venue fee to play all day for Gundam and any other game that is available on console that day, keep in mind that this is a Bring your Own Controller event
Gundam will be held on Playstation 3 Consoles.

Gundam Tournament Entry is Free for anyone that pays the Venue Fee.
Tournament will Start at 4:00PM

IEBG will be running a dedicated Gundamn stream in case you cant make it out to the event make sure you tune in to watch all the Mech Action!

Stream URL:

make sure to follow us on twitter for updates

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