Friday, January 31, 2014

Brian "BigWorm" Jones Donation Drive

" Its time once again, to stand up as a community. 

Brian Jones aka BigWorm has been a member of our Tekken community for a very long time- he has given to a lot of us back in the TZ days by utilizing his artistic talents to create avatars, he is always sharing and giving what he can.

On Jan 29th, Brian's house caught on fire, destroying everything him and his family had built in there and called their home. If anyone can put themselves in that position, that feeling must be completely devastating.

We have successfully helped friends in our community before, and sincerely implore you to find it in your hearts to help this family with whatever little you can.

Please give whatever little you can to help. "

if you would like to help with a donation please visit 

again any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

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