Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Remaining SMAN Prizes Shipping

the following is a list of people who won prizes during the Stream Monster Appreciation stream.

shipping will begin the first week of January, i do apologies for the delay but
i am making this post to keep everyone up to date on what is getting shipped out.

here is the remaining list of winners that are waiting on shipping:

UPDATE 3/3/15: everything has now shipped!

Surf3rx - twitch.tv ChromeCast - SHIPPED
Tripamax - twitch.tv ChromeCast - SHIPPED
Synthemesque - firstattack.com Doom Shirt in Small - SHIPPED
Rmpcsquared - firstattack.com Nova Shirt in Large - SHIPPED
Vazz__  - etsy.com/shop/OCBeadSprites akuma 8bit - SHIPPED
86_timedatnigout - etsy.com/shop/crowdmonsterpop Packitup Poster - SHIPPED
Sirjamison - etsy.com/shop/crowdmonsterpop Packitup Poster - SHIPPED
Phantomexdeath - etsy.com/shop/OCBeadSprites 8bit Morrigan - SHIPPED
Emp_obamacare - twitch.tv CromeCast - SHIPPED
Kruxtt - firstattack.com Nova Shirt in Medium - SHIPPED
Lordbison - IEBattleGround Shirt + arcadeshock.com  SF Mouse Pad - SHIPPED
Robzington - etsy.com/shop/OCBeadSprites El Fuerte Bead Sprite - SHIPPED
Masterofthemash - arcadeshock.com Metal Slug Trilogy for PS2 - SHIPPED
juyorican  - MadCatz Headset - SHIPPED 
I8_nexus - etsy.com/shop/OCBeadSprites 8bit M. Bison - SHIPPED
Xxstitchxx27 - arcadeshock.com iPhone Case - SHIPPED
Bisk3 - etsy.com/shop/OCBeadSprites 8bit Doom sprite - SHIPPED
Toshin - twitch.tv ChromeCast - SHIPPED
Supaguy321 - firstattack.com Doom Shirt in Large - SHIPPED

if your on the list of winners keep checking back as i will be updating this post
each time a prize gets shipped.

and once again i would like to thanks each and everyone of you for supporting 
the Fighting Game Community <3

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