Friday, November 21, 2014

37Reloaded - Tournament & Info Schedule

"  there are a bunch of names we have registered that HAVE NOT PAID. If you are attending this event please double check your paypal transaction and make sure everything is processed. It is your responsibility to handle this and you have less than 24hrs to do so. Dont cry to me when you are not entered in the tourney or required to pay the "Emergency Registration" due to your own fault.  "

Event Schedule
Saturday 10am Doors Open for check-in!
Tourneys start at 12 noon - CvS2 (12 noon) / 3rd Strike (2pm) / MvC2 (4pm) / Super Turbo (4pm) / Ultra SF4 (6pm)
There will be a couple exhibitions taking place pending approval from both parties.
Sunday 12 noon Doors Open for first come first serve seating!
Tourney finals start at 12 noon - CvS2 (12 noon) / Super Turbo (2pm) / MvC2 (4pm) / Ultra SF4 (6:30pm) / 3rd Strike (8:30pm)
Daigo vs Jwong exhibition to start roughly at 6pm after MvC2 Finals!

Bronco Student Center : URSA Major Hall
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W Temple Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768

Live Stream Info
37Reloaded will have 2 streams tomorrow
Main Stream :
Secondary Stream :
Dont miss the action

you can also check the official website for more info at

(post will be updated with more info)

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