Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stream Monster Appreciation Night

join us on October 31st at Super Arcade as we show our appreciation to the viewers for the continued support of the Fighting Game Community.

we will be giving away free prizes live on stream throughout the night
stream starts at 8PM PST

Halloween Costume Contest:
everyone that shows up to super arcade in costume
will be entered in the contest and top 3 costumes will win a prize!
the winners will be chosen by the viewers.

Console Casuals:
there will be console casuals at Super Arcade that night from 8pm to 3am
every game you see at WNF, TRB & RebelUp is available for console play
there will be 12 to 16 stations available for play
you must purchase a wristband from Super Arcade for any console play.

Special Events:
Viewers Choice Match
Lethal League - Online vs Offline Mix Bracket Tournament
Special Exhibition Matches in Yatagarasu & USF4
Costume Contest - Winner Selected By Viewers
and more to come.

Event Prizes Provided By:
ArcadeShock - www.ArcadeShock.com
Xsplit - www.xsplit.com
Capcom - www.capcom.com
NYU Media (the team behind Yatagarasu AoC) - nyu-media.com
First Attack Clothing - http://firstattack.com/
Super Arcade - @SuperDojo
Twitch - www.twitch.tv
Cross Counter TV - http://www.crosscounter.tv/
Darryl "The Muffin Man"
Crowd Monster Pop - twitter.com/CrowdMonsterPop
OC Bead Sprites - etsy.com/shop/ocbeadsprites
Lab Zero Games - http://labzerogames.com/
Interabang - http://www.interabangent.com/

if you would like to sponsor the event feel free to contact us by email at

more info to come on the event so stay tuned

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