Friday, June 13, 2014

Super Smash Bros. Melee 24hr Event @ Super Arcade June 14-15th

A new twist to the series, SSS is now open 24 hours! That's right, Super Arcade will be open for the entire Sunday, starting at midnight, for free play and tournament. Tournament start time is 1:00 pm as usual, but there will be friendlies, exhibitions, and more all through the A.M leading up to the tournament start. Sleep during the day on Saturday, because you'll need your rest, for 24 hours of Smash fun! We'll order food, have free play stations for various games (Pokemon Puzzle League, Mario Party, Project M, etc), and of course, have some of the best MLG training you could find.

And the tournament! EMP P4K's Armada and Mew2King will be in attendance, as two gods step forth to challenge Socal's finest. That, along with the new Twitch sponsorship ( should add a lot of drama to an already stacked event.

More information in the trailer:

Super Arcade
1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789


-a large local venue which can fit 100+ players and spectators
-ample tables and chairs for casual and tournament play
-outdoor and indoor spectating environment
-arcade cabinets for when you need to take your mind off smash
-adjacent to many local restaurants; situated in a prime shopping center in the heart of Socal
-free and easy parking right outside the venue
-stream and production quality unmatched by any other local tournament venue


1:00 pm - teams starts
3:00 pm - singles starts (pools + bracket)
10:00 pm - venue closes

Venue fee: $5
Melee Singles: $5
Melee Doubles: $5 per teammate

1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

EVO ruleset; If there are further rules disputes, the analogous, but more detailed, Team OXY official ruleset will be used.

Socal Melee:

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