Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Super Arcade KickStarter Is Now LIVE!

The Super Arcade KickStarter Project Page is Now Live

Over the past few years, Super Arcade has become THE everyday place to go for fighting game tournaments, special events, and casual play.
We’re recognized world-wide. Video game manufacturers like CAPCOM, NAMCO, and SEGA hold tournaments and location tests right inside our doors. Hundreds of faithful fighters show up every week to battle it out in offline competition. And we stream a great show over the internet for the people who live too far away to be here in-person.
We’ve done our best to get where we are today. Help us become something better. Pledge now and preserve the arcade lifestyle for everyone that loves video games. "
if you would like to help us keep this place open head on over to the page and reed up on all the extras the project will offer and read up on the entire project.

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