Saturday, May 11, 2013

Help Support IEBG!

brief introduction :

Hello stream viewers and fellow FGC members my name is Armando but most of you know me as Mando (AKA Commando) from IEBattleGrounds. Im currently the person at the helm for LevelUp’s stream production for both Wednesday Night Fights, The Runback & Final Strike. and our own Versus Mayhem,  Rusty Parry & 3D Monthly Tournaments.  I also host on occasion NSFW Friday’s at Super Arcade and some out of town tourneys as recent as Texas Showdown a few weeks ago. But enough about me, let me tell you guys about what we are doing and what prizes we will be raffling off!

We are trying to raise funds in order to replace equipment such as HDMI Cables, Cable Splitters, Adapters & Converters that have stopped working over time. At the moment we are using some loaned equipment, and would like to raise money  to replace and possibly upgrade some of our equipment and  existing hardware.

Raffle rules/prizes/tiers :

So for each $5 you will be issued (1) raffle ticket. Each ticket will only have one opportunity to win a prize and once chosen it will be removed from the raffle pool. You may enter as many tickets as you like and the drawing will take place on live stream to ensure that all prizes and winners are drawn at
complete random with the use an old school “ticket and box” used to determine winners. Now onto the important stuff. What prizes are being raffled off?

RESULTS: 6/14/13

1. IEBattlegrounds official logo T-Shirt (3XL)  - Tom Tran (Received)
2. Madcatz SFxT Controller (xbox) - Aaron Blean - (Received)
3. Madcatz Stick Carrier Bag - Aaron Blean - (Received)
4. Madcatz Kunai Stereo Headset (white) - Mario Guevara (Received)
5. Madcatz MLG Pro Circuit Controller (xbox) - Cole Andress (email sent)
6. Triton PC510 Headset (PC) - Ryan Murray (Received)
7. Madcatz SFxT V.S. Arcade Fightstick (xbox) - Kevin Bui (Received)
8. Triton Pro+ Headset (xbox/ps3) (white) - Tyler Brooberg (Received)
9. Hori JPN Real Arcade Pro Custom (ps3) - Qa'Sean Hayes (email sent)
10. Tritton Detonators (xbox) - Milan V. Roskovich (Given To Bubbles)
11. Eggo Waffles - Bubbles (Received)
12. Eggo Waffles - Muzras
13. Eggo Waffles - Muzras
14. Vewlix Diamond Edition Stick - Hungry Gamer (Received)

UPDATE: is throwing in a Japanese Custom Hori Arcade Stick

So all in all that’s over $700 in prizes and it gets even better! As some additional incentive Mike Watson of Super Arcade is going to be throwing in a grand prize of a Hori Vewlix Diamond stick that retails for near $400 if we raise 1,500.00

the guys over at gave us a xbox 360 Detonators headset to give away in the donation raffle

By popular demand we are adding Eggo Waffles in to the donation raffle

All proceeds of this raffle will be used towards replacing streaming gear for IEBattleGrounds which runs an add-free stream for your viewing pleasure! Please spread the word and win some prizes and have some fun while we are at it!

UPDATE: we had to revert to Paypal instead of WePay services, the new donation link is at:

Total Donations Raised : $2,848.63

*all winners will have their prizes shipped via USPS or UPS pending on location and free of charge as long shipping is within the continental United States. Prizes will only be shipped once proof of Name and Address match that of the person who purchased the winning raffle ticket.


  1. Hi do we have to actually have to confirm,as ticket is being pulled or will it be shipped to us even if we miss the stream

  2. we will be streaming the raffle live, even if you miss the raffle stream we will post all the winners here on the site and they will be contacted by email for shipping information.

  3. Awesome,let me see how much I can donate

  4. every $5.00 donation will also get you a raffle ticket. so any amount you would like to donate will be greatly apreciated

  5. Is this a online raffle only or can you buy some at the event as well,just trying to figure out chances of winning lol

  6. you can buy tickets at Super Arcade at any time till the day it closes. but we encourage people to use papal since we can contact winners faster that way.

  7. When you gon start doing the raffles? Grats on 2k!