Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tekken Tag 2 & SoulCaliburV Tournament @ Super Arcade 12/29/12

Saturday December 29th come join us at Super Arcade as we host the final Tekken Tag 2 & SoulCalibur 5 Tournament of the year

VENUE: Super Arcade located @: 1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

TIME: tournament start time 5:00PM for both games, casuals starting at 3:30PM

FEE: $5.00 venue & $5.00 per game

SYTEM: PlayStation 3 Hardware

BYOC: please provide your own controller event

SETS: sets will be standard best 2 of 3 games and 3 of 5 rounds per game for both TTT2 & SCV

STREAM: live stream provided by IEBattleGrounds at

extra prize bonuses if player pool exceeds 24 entrants (TTT2 ONLY)

random raffle for a madcatz fight stick

follow us on twitter for updates @SuperDojo @IEBattleGrounds

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