Monday, October 3, 2011

Tournament Results

Super Street Fighter 4 AE
1: Takeru
2: Luken
3: XBlades
4: DRS Filipin0man
5: Roman
5: Fuson

Marvel Vs Capcom 3
1: The Zip Piggy
2: Francisco
3: OneManGenocide
4: LuvCheez
5: DRS Filipin0man
5: Zilgrinds

Mortal Kombat 9
1: Shords
2: XBlades
3: EGP Tyrant
4: Lord Genross
5: Blackhawk
5: Aris

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike OE
1: Aris
2: Outkast
3: Fuson
4: Airic
5: Meanguns

i want to thank every one who made it out to the tournament this past Saturday. thanks for your continued support guys. next event (don't have a set date yet) will run even better and bigger.

this is a community effort and we work really hard to make sure every one has a positive experience so if there is ever an issue please let me know.

i also want to thank the people that where there until 3AM helping me pack equipment. and you guys that were running brackets your help is greatly appreciated!

4AM quarter championships were once again HYPE!!

also shout out to watson for the help.

youtube videos will be up within a week. i do apologize for the echo in the videos i did not notice it until the end of the night and the uploads to youtube will have this same issue.

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